Student Support

Apply and Register


How to Enroll

Step 1: Apply to SMC Online

Note: A Social Security Number is required to apply. See your counselor if you do not have an SSN.

  1. Apply online on the SMC Admissions page.

  2. Click on “Launch Online Application”.

  3. Click on “Start Application” at the bottom.

  4. Under “Enrollment Status,” click “Special Admit, currently enrolled in K-12”.

  5. Under the Residency section, all questions relate to your parents because you are under 19 years old.

  6. Make sure to fill in all parts of the application completely and type your name at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click Submit button. You will be gvien an SMC student ID number to enroll in classes. Save this page for your records. An email will also be sent to you with the same information.

Step 2: Submit the Dual Enrollment Consent/Add Form

Get the form from your high school counselor.

Fill out both pages, sign both pages, and obtain one of your guardian’s signatures on both pages.

Submit signed Dual Enrollment Consent/Add form to the college office. (Map).

Step 3: Activate Corsair Connect and Check Enrollment

On the first day of class, login to Corsair Connect to activate your account with your student ID number and password.

Check your enrollment to make sure you have been added to the class.