Student Support

Counseling Information for Current EOPS/CARE Participants


Fall 2020 EOPS/CARE Counseling Contact Deadlines

1st Counseling Contact Period: July 27 – October 2

2nd Counseling Contact Period: October 5 – November 13

3rd Counseling Contact Period: November 16 – December 23

Book Your Appointment (Email Request):​

For Continuing EOPS Students, We are currently taking EOPS counseling appointment requests via email. Email us at EOPSAPPOINTMENT@SMC.EDU, to book your next counseling appointment. In your email please make sure to include the information below.

  • Full Name​
  • SMC ID Number
  • Telephone Number
  • EOPS Counselor
  • Days/Times You Are Available
Booking an EOPS Counseling Appointment Online:

Start by logging into your Corsair Connect. Once you are logged in, you will see the "Book a Counseling Appointment" option as shown below: 

1) Log-in to your Corsair Connect Account

2) Locate the SMC Quick Link Section on the left hand side 

3) Select 'Book a Counseling Appointment'

From there, you'll want to:

1) Select "EOPS Program" from the drop-down menu.

2) Select a day/time that works for you. 

3) Reserve your appointment.