About STEM


​​​​The STEM Program

The STEM Program at Santa Monica College is an academic support program designed to help traditionally underrepresented students, interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, successfully complete their studies at SMC, transfer to a four year research orientated baccalaureate program, and enter the workforce.​ Santa Monica College's STEM Initiatives foster the student skills necessary to excel in STEM courses.

Goals and Initiatives

  • STEM students are encouraged to connect to the resources provided, early, to succeed.

  • STEM at SMC also provides resources to both faculty and students to clarify the "Hidden Curriculum" of STEM.

  • Our program stresses the importance of:

    • Managing your Time Effectively

    • Planning your schedule with a STEM counselor

    • Listening to your counselor's advice on Time Management and Education Planning

    • Don't just study hard-STUDY SMART! Take advantage of one or ALL of the following:

    • Find your community: build a network of people that can help you fill in the gaps. SMC has a large offering of special programs and student clubs.

    • Make the time to apply for scholarships and internships

Any student interested in STEM can take advantage of the following STEM focused services as soon as you arrive at SMC:

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

  • Peer tutoring and coaching

  • Faculty-led workshops and events

  • Specialized STEM Courses

  • STEM Cool Careers Panels and STEM Days on the Quad

  • Engage with STEM at SMC through student clubs