Process to Adopt


Process to Adopt OER


Though an OER is generally available on the internet, students should be able to download the entire OER book to their own computer/portable device. Faculty may also provide the textbook as a PDF to their students either through email or as a link from the course management system.

If you are a faculty considering the adoption of an OER, contact Jinan Darwiche to inquire about the Bookstore process and how to obtain printed desktop and library copies of the OER.​

Instructions for Faculty

  • Provide a PDF to Reprographics to create an ISBN and generate printed copies for the Bookstore on- demand printing. If the OER is available in ready-bound printed text (e.g. OpenStax), you can skip this step. Faculty can request extra copies be purchased for the library (up to 5 copies). Reprographics will provide a free desktop copy to the requesting faculty. Contact Jinan Darwiche for details.

  • Ensure the section are marked OER in class schedule so students can filter for such sections. To mark your section, logon mProfessor then click "Uses OER/Zero Textbook" next to the course that uses OER or Zero cost book. You can click it again to remove the designation.

  • In the Bookstore database (requisition), enter the proper textbook title ending it with "OER textbook, available free online" at the bookstore database. For non-OpenStax book, complete the Declaration of Copyright Form. Questions on this form must be sent to

  • Inform students where OER are available by providing a link or PDF or both via email and/or in the course management system.

  • Consider attending workshops and or view past workshop slides or recordings from Workshops.

  • Contact an OER Team member for assistance.