Open Education Resources

Where to Find OER


Where to Find OER

A simple search will list many resources. The source must be free, with no expiration date, and available to download without any login. Below are some examples:


When you find materials online, if there is the standard copyright logo, it means you cannot use it without explicit permission from the source.

For more information, visit Workshops.

OER Courses at SMC

To find a list of courses/sections at SMC that use OER or Zero Cost Textbooks, check the Class Schedule.
From there, in the left side panel, Search Criteria, scroll to the bottom, then click the arrow on Search Option. Check the box on next to OER/ZTC then scroll all the way to the bottom and hit the Blue Search button.

Marking OER in Class Schedules

If you are a faculty teaching an OER or ZTC course section, you should mark it as such in the schedule.
This is done in mProfessor. Click the light bulb/Flag under the Uses OER ZTC column in the table of your class assignment in mProfessor. Cluck in again to un-tag the course section. Contact one of our OER team members for help.

This is a state requirement, as per SB1359.

If a course using an OER requires supplies to be purchased, the course can still be marked as OER.

This helps students identify these sections to sign up for them given this frees them from the burden of paying for costly textbooks.

Printed OER Textbooks

Students who wish to use a printed version of the OER book, may purchase one from the bookstore.

Printed copies of OER textbooks will be available at the Library for students to borrow if the faculty adopting the OER completed the steps for this option.