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Modern Languages Tutoring


The Santa Monica College Modern Language Department offers free tutoring for all enrolled students.

We are currently open both in-person and online tutoring. In-person tutoring is conducted in Drescher Hall 219. No appointment is necessary for Drop-in/Walk-in Tutoring. Please use the link below to check out our current tutoring schedule. https://www.smc.edu/student-support/academic-support/tutoring-centers/modern-language-tutoring.php


Online tutoring is open for both appointments and drop-ins via zoom. To make an appointment, please log in to Corsair Connect following the instructions down below.

Instructions: Login to your Corsair Connect > Left column shows “Tutoring” button with yellow background > Follow the directing page to WCOnline > After registration, choose the schedule from the top drop-down list “Modern Language Fall 2022” > Select the tutors and languages on the schedule > Click on the white box and make an appointment. For any questions or concerns, please directly email the Tutoring Coordinator via shi_mengyi@smc.edu

Drop-in Zoom link can be found on this website. https://www.smc.edu/student-support/academic-support/tutoring-centers/modern-language-tutoring.php

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