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Foreign Language Advantage


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Federal Title VIA UISFL Grant​: Foreign Language Advantage​

What: Santa Monica College will increase student interest and enrollment in the study of foreign languages, particularly among Career Technical Education students​

Who: The Modern Languages Department in collaboration with CTE Departments: Education/ECE, Business, Communication & Media Studies, and Nursing.

Why: This project is the next step in SMC's comprehensive Global Citizenship Initiative and directly supports one of five of SMC's institutional learning outcomes, stating that graduates will "respect the inter-relatedness of the global human environment, engage with diverse peoples, acknowledge the significance of their daily actions relative to broader issues and events."

When: Grant began October 2016 and ended September 2019.​

How: Raise student, faculty, and community awareness of the benefits of second language acquisition to career development and job attainment.

Contact: Modern Languages and Cultures Department Chair Lourdes Arévalo​ or Administrative Assistant Travis Grant

Due to COVID-19, all current study abroad programs have been cancelled for the time being.

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