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What is Applied and Service-Learning and What are the Benefits for Students?


What is Applied and Service-Learning?

The Applied and Service-Learning Program's approach to learning integrates classroom learning with real-world experiences.  Through reflective exercises, applied and service-learning experiences supplements the learning that occurs in classroom settings as well as challenges students to put into action the knowledge and skills they are developing through their coursework at non-profits, private businesses and organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.  Applied and service-learning experiences can be used across the curriculum, in all disciplines and levels of coursework, from introductory basic skills courses to career training courses to transfer level courses.  Furthermore, applied and service learning experiences can also advance racial, ethnic, and cultural understanding, meet unmet community needs, and provide contextualized learning, and encourage student empowerment.

What are the Benefits for Students?

  • Deepens your understanding of course materials through the application of coursework materials to real situations;

  • Creates stronger and more meaningful relationships

  • Builds and strengthen critical thinking, problem solving, moral development, and leadership skills

  • Introduces you to different career paths

  • Prepares you for internships and future employment opportunities

  • Raises awareness of community, social and civic needs

  • Creates opportunities to practice interpersonal communication skills in diverse settings

  • Enriches your resume or scholarship application

  • Creates opportunities for you to network with other community members for academic and professional development

  • Creates opportunities for you to learn about diverse cultures and communities

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