Student Support

Undergraduate Cancer Research Training Program (UCRTP)*



The Undergraduate Cancer Research Training Program (UCRTP) is an 12 week National Cancer Institute sponsored research program designed for outstanding undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical sciences. An individualized research project is developed for each undergraduate participant, who will be paired to work with a Faculty Principal Investigator and associates at CDU or UCLA laboratories. The goal of the UCRTP is to ensure that each undergraduate student acquires the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become proficient in cancer health disparities research. On completion of the program, each undergraduate trainee will have worked on a hypothesis-driven research project in cancer health disparities and developed a research paper (based on the findings of the ancillary project). Students will also have the opportunity to present their findings before a regional or national conference and benefit from seminar series focused on translational cancer health disparities research. The research program will be equivalent to a full time job. To accommodate students on the semester or quarter systems, two different program tracks will be provided. Each track will run up to a maximum of 12 weeks. 

* For current information, refer to the program website listed on this page under "contact information."