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Internship Application and Forms


Internship Applications and Forms

The following are forms students interested in participating in the Internship Program at Santa Monica College are required to complete prior to enrolling in a general or occupational internship course. 

  • Rough Draft Learning Objectives - Submit your 3 rough draft learning objectives and have them approved by the Internship Program after completing the mandatory Internship Program Orientation
  • Internship Application - The Internship Application identifies the student, supervisor and SMC Internship Program Staff/Occupational Internship Faculty who are participating in the Internship Program at SMC. 
  • Student Agreement - The Student Agreement form includes a set of expectations the Internship Program requires all students to follow while participating in the Internship Program. 
  • Learning Objectives Contract - The Learning Objectives Contract contains the 3 learning objectives you agreed to accomplish by the end of your internship course enrollment and your supervisor's agreement in helping you accomplish those same 3 learning objectives. This form requires the signature of your immediate supervisor as such make sure to plan accordingly.         
  • Internship Program Meeting Contract - The Internship Program Meeting Contract is the form you sign when you meet with the Internship Program, following completing the mandatory Internship Orientation and receiving approval of your rough draft learning objectives.

Other Internship Program Documents

  • Intern Evaluation - The Intern Evaluation is emailed directly to your immediate supervisor from your general internship instructor towards the end of the semester.  Supervisors will be asked to rate your performance based on how well you completed your learning objectives as well as your work habits.  Instructions on how to complete your evaluation as well as the deadline to submit their evaluation of you will be sent via email to your supervisor.  
  • Generic Proof of Enrollment in the Internship Program Letter - A Generic Proof of Internship Enrollment Letter is available and can be emailed to employers upon request. It is proof that SMC has an active Internship Program and offers course credit to students who qualify.
  • Official Proof of Enrollment in the Internship Program Letter - If you need official proof that you are enrolled in the Internship Program, one can be emailed to your employer upon request.  Official letters are emailed to employers once you have completed the Internship Program requirements for adding and enrolling in either a general or occupational internship course.  This letter includes your name, the internship course you are enrolled in, hours
    required to receive academic credit and relevant information about the Internship Program. 


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