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Internship Requirements and How to Earn Academic Credit


Required Number of Work Hours Per Academic Unit

In order to satisfy the requirements for the general internship program, you are required to work a specific number of hours per academic unit of credit. Each unit of academic credit requires a minimum of 60 hours of unpaid (volunteer) work or 75 hours of paid work per semester/session. You may work more than the minimum hours required per course, but will not receive additional academic units. Failing to complete minimum hours per course requirement will result in a "No Pass" grade.  Please note that your internship hours do not count until you are enrolled in the internship class and the term (session/semester) has begun.

Make sure to speak to your supervisor in advance regarding your work hours as well as contact your academic counselor to ensure that you are enrolling in the appropriate internship course.  

General internship class unpaid work hours per session/semester paid work hours per session/semester *approximate hours of work per week during the fall/spring semester (Summer and winter sessions hours differ)
COUNS 90A (1 unit) 60 hours 75 hours

4 hours for unpaid

5 hours for paid

COUNS 90B (2 units) 120 hours 150 hours

8 hours for unpaid

10 hours paid

COUNS 90C (3 units) 180 hours 225 hours

12 hours unpaid

15 hours paid

COUNS 90D (4 units) 240 hours 300 hours

16 hours unpaid

20 hours paid

*Approximate Hours: The actual number of hours you will be required to work depends on when you enroll and the total number of weeks left in the semester/session.  Fall and spring semesters are about 16 weeks, summer session is 8 weeks and the winter session is 6 weeks.  If you enroll later than the first week of the term, you will need to work more hours per week to earn academic credit. 

International students who are studying on an F-1 visa are limited to 20 hours of work per week during the fall and spring semesters unless approved for full-time Curricular Practical Training (CPT). See the International Education Center for more information on full-time vs. part-time CPT.

How to calculate required weekly work hours? Divide the number of weeks remaining in the term by the required number of hours you must work to earn the academic unit of credit.  

Example #1: If you enroll in the 1 unit internship class and start in the 2nd week of the 8-week summer session, divide 60 hours by 7.  This equals to 8.571.  As such, you will need to work about 9 hours per week to complete the required hours in 7 weeks.

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