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Overview of the Internship Program at SMC


Welcome to the Internship Program at SMC

The goal of the internship program is to help bridge the gap between academic study and its application in professional practice. It gives students a glimpse into a professional work environment, while gaining experience outside the classroom and helping them explore careers, build skills, and develop professional networks. It is also a great way for managers to advance organization goals while mentoring aspiring professionals. Students can add value to your work while you, the organization, can add value to their personal, academic, and professional pursuits. Thus, an experience that can be mutually beneficial for both the student and the organization.

Internships are individualized and tailored to the needs and interests of each student enrolled in the program. As part of the internship experience, students are expected to take an active role in finding an appropriate internship for themselves. Many students pursue their own contacts, however, the Career Services Center can also provide resources to students as well.

At SMC, internships can be paid or unpaid for academic credit and students can apply for the Internship Program every term (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) for general internship courses or typically fall or spring semesters for selective occupational internship courses.  However, students can only enroll in one unpaid internship course each term as well as can only take the same internship course twice, otherwise referred to as a repeating a course once.

Students are asked to complete online class assignments and class time is spent at their internship site. Students are required to work a minimum number of hours that involves authentic, structured and meaningful work experience with increasing responsibility, in order to receive academic credit. Internship courses are graded on a pass/no pass basis. Typically, there are no class meetings for students enrolled in the Internship Program, unless the instructor of the course requires a follow-up meeting with you to discuss your progress in meeting your learning objectives, to check the status of how many hours you've completed, etc. For more information on student eligibility and internship requirements, visit Internship Program Requirements and How to Earn Academic Credit.

Students may enroll in a maximum of 4 units per term for internship courses.  A total of 8 units of internship credit may be applied as elective credit toward a certificate or an Associate degree.  Internship units are also transferable to the CSU.  

General vs. Occupational Internship Courses

At SMC, there are two types of internship classes offered.  

  • General Internship Courses (Counseling 90 series) - These courses are offered to students who may not have declared a major, are interested in multiple career fields, or whose academic department/major do not offer an occupational internship course.
  • Occupational Internship Courses - These courses are for students who have declared a major and defined their educational and career goals.  Occupational internships courses are offered by a variety of academic departments.  Contact your academic department to see if they offer 90A, 90B, 90C or 90D occupational internship course. You can also contact your academic counselor for assistance.  Note that you still need to complete the same eligibility and requirement process required of students enrolling in a general internship course.

Am I Eligible to Enroll in the Internship Program?

In order to enroll in the Internship Program (any of the internship courses), you must have successfully completed a minimum of 6 units the previous fall or spring semester at SMC.  For example if you want to enroll in the Summer 2020 Internship Program, you must have successfully completed at least 6 units at SMC during the spring 2020 semester.   

Information for International Students Studying on an F-1 Visa

In addition to completing the minimum 6 units the previous fall or spring semester at SMC, international students studying on an F-1 visa must also be eligible for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and be able to provide the Internship CPT Eligibility Letter to the Internship Program.  Visit Internship Eligibility Information for International Students Studying on an F-1 Visa, for more information.

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