Student Support

Preparing for the Internship Process


Finding an internship is like finding a place to live - it will require some time and planning. We recommend that you begin your dedicated search process 6-9 months in advance of when you hope to participate in an internship. Here are some suggestions you can use to improve your chances of securing an internship that is a good fit for you.

Other Internship Tidbits

  • Application deadlines vary, but many companies post their internship positions months in advance. If an internship opportunity lists a "rolling deadline," we recommend that you submit your application earlier rather than later.
  • Determine if the length of the internships coincides with when you want to start and end an internship (based on the SMC academic calendar).  If there is a scheduling conflict, politely ask the employer if the internship start and end dates are flexible. 
  • Identify the location and commute times and see if it is realistic with your lifestyle.
  • See if they provide compensation of any kind such as a salary, stipend, housing, etc. However, note that just because you are compensated, doesn't mean the internship is a fit for you.  

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