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What is an Internship and What are the Benefits?


What is an Internship?

More than ever, before employers extend an offer for a permanent entry-level position, they are looking for a candidate's track record of real-world experiences and accomplishments. They rely heavily on your experiences to assess your skills, abilities, and qualifications as potential part-time, full-time or contracted employees.  Internships are one way to demonstrate to prospective employers you have the knowledge, initiative, skills, and interest. Internships give you an opportunity to test and explore your career interests, while gaining valuable work or research experience, on a short-term basis.  

At SMC, we considered internships (academic credit earning) to be:

  • Relating to a student's major and/or career goal
  • Enhancing a student's academic, career, and/or personal development
  • One that is supervised by a professional in the field employed by the internship site
  • Meeting registration requirements for the internship class offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (Students must re-enroll in each term to receive academic credit)
  • Paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time
  • Mutually agreed upon by the student, supervisor, and SMC
  • Offered by employers who meet the following requirements:
    • Properly zoned local business address where supervised work will be conducted
    • Valid office phone number and web address.
    • Provide all required equipment needed to conduct the internship 
    • Follow all CA Employment Laws and Department of Labor Regulations
    • Valid business license & current liability insurance
    • Have a supervisor willing to help you achieve your learning objectives

What are the Benefits?

  • Gain valuable and practical work experience in the marketplace
  • Explore and prepare for different careers
  • Apply academic learning in a professional environment
  • Get a head start in your field and give yourself an edge in the job market
  • Develop and/or refine your hard and soft skills and abilities
  • Build relationships and expand your professional network
  • Ease the transition into a new career

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