Student Support

After Your Interview


There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting an job offer.

Assess your Interview

Once you have left the interview and are no longer in the presence of any employees, write up a summary of the questions you were asked along with your answers. This will preserve a record of your responses for future reference if you secure a follow-up interview. It will also help you in drafting your thank you notes to the interviewers. You can also use this information to prepare for any future interviews.

Send Thank You Notes

It is recommended that you send one email within 24 hours of the interview to each interviewer. A handwritten card is suggested as a supplement when a personal or more creative touch might be especially valued. Reference in your note either of the following: a topic that discussed during the interview, one or two examples showing off your expertise or a response to one of the key interview questions or if need be, sharing a skill or experience that you weren't able to discuss during the interview.

Complete any Follow Up Instructions Provided by the Employer

Make sure to follow the instructions provided to you by the hiring manager/HR team. For example, if they tell you it will take two weeks, wait the two weeks. If they said follow-up needs to be done by email, do not call them on the phone. It is natural to be anxious but that does not give you the permission to pester/stalk the employer. After you have left a message and followed up at their recommended time, if you haven’t heard back after two calls, you should move forward and prep for your next round of interviews. 

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