Housing Tips


Looking for a new place to live in a new city can seem daunting. Use the following information as a guide on how to narrow your search and get the best apartment for you. 


  • Leases and rental contracts are legal documents!
  • Tenant is responsible for the care and rent of the unit for the duration of the agreement
  • Do not sign a lease or rental contract without reading and understanding it
  • Make sure all damages are listed on the lease and initialed by landlord before moving in.
  • It is acceptable to pay by cash, check, or money order but

ALWAYS get a receipt.


Neighborhood Miles Away Zip
Brentwood 4.5 90049
Beverly Hills 7 90210/12
Pacific Palisades 6 90272
Marina Del Rey 6 90292/93
Neighborhood Miles Away Zip
Culver City 7 90067
Palms 4 90034
Mar Vista 5 90066
Venice 3 90291
West L.A. 4 90025/64
Westwood 5 90024

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