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The PRIDE Center is to celebrate LGBTQ+ people and history and support a safe and inclusive environment for students, staff, faculty and community members by building an understanding of sexual orientation, gender identities, and gender expression. The SMC PRIDE center is dedicated to emphasizing intersectional LGBTQ+ identities and committed to advocating for improvements in campus climate, inclusion, and success for queer and trans students. 

Programs and Services

The PRIDE Center will provide a platform for political activism and social change and locus of services for LGBTQ+ students and staff, geared toward their academic success, retention, and health and well-being.  The Pride Center would serve to facilitate service partnerships with the larger community, including the LA LGBT Center, Beinestar LGBT Youth Services, Colors Youth, and the Point Foundation.

Telemental Health Services

The SMC Student Equity Center has partnered with Colors LGBTQ Youth Counseling Center, a community-based service of the Antioch University Counseling Center to provide free unlimited LGBTQ-affirmative telemental health services to SMC students under 25 years old.

To make an appointment, students can fill out the Colors Youth online intake form  or email

For general inquiries, call 310-578-1080, ext. 320 or visit


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