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New & Continuing Students


Placement Requirements

You are required to complete both English or ESL and math placements if:

  • Enrolling in more than six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring) and your educational goal is to get a degree or certificate, transfer, of pursuing basic skills instruction; or

  • Enrolling in an English, ESL, or math class for the first time; or

  • Completed your first semester at SMC and did not complete the mandatory placement process, but now wish to enroll in a second regular semester (fall or spring) even if you are not planning to take English/ESL, math, or chemistry.

Please note: This process can only be completed once.  

Concurrent Enrollment Students

Concurrent enrollment students must follow and complete SMC's placement process for English or ESL and math. You can do so by logging into your Corsair Connect account and find placement in the right hand corner of the screen. This process can only be completed once.  

For more information concerning the admissions and enrollment of students, please review the High School Concurrent Enrollment website. 


You may be temporarily waived from placements if you are:

  • Enrolling in only up to six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring) AND not enrolling in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes.

  • Enrolling in only winter or summer classes (not in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes).

Waivers Process

If you have completed college coursework at another Institution or AP exams, you may submit a waivers request through SMC's Waivers and Exemptions process.

Accepting Other Schools' Placement Processes

You must complete the SMC placement process to be eligible to enroll in SMC classes. SMC will not accept other schools' placement recommendations.