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Acknowledgement: Please note that by applying, SMC staff will have access to your academic records to verify that you are in
good academic standing. SMC will also verify that you are in good disciplinary standing with the Office of Judicial Affairs. Please
note that a low GPA or disciplinary record does not automatically disqualify applicants from the position.

Application Process:
  1. Complete the following Student Ambassador Application form
  2. Upload unofficial transcript 
Is your cumulative GPA above 2.5?*
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Are you eligible for Student Help (12 units)?*
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I understand that, if selected, information provided on this form may be made public as appropriate to promote program and outreach objectives. Please type your full name below to serve as an electronic signature to the above terms and conditions.
After submitting this application, you will be redirected to an official Student Ambassador webpage to upload your required unofficial transcript.

NOTE: You will first be prompted to sign-in to Microsoft 360 using your same student login credentials as Corsair Connect.