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Welcome Center’s Student Ambassador Program is designed to engage students in servant leadership within the essential area of the College’s outreach, recruitment and successful onboarding of new students. 

 Emily Aguilar SanchezArea of Interest: Arts, Media, and Entertainment, Graphic Design Major

Emily Aguilar SanchezI am a first-generation student pursuing a major in graphic design and a minor in music. I began attending SMC during the Fall of 2020. Even though my classes have been virtual, I still felt that sense of community SMC offers. I came to SMC because I knew this college had an amazing reputation with helping students transfer to four-year universities. I also heard how wonderful and helpful the counselors are from some of my family members that attended before me. While I was applying to college, I was looking for a school that offered a welcoming environment and the community at SMC fulfilled that aspect. I wanted to be an Ambassador because even though I knew I didn't have a lot of experience in a traditional college setting, I had experience being a first-generation student during the pandemic. I want to help other people just like I was helped by staff, teachers, and program leaders. I hope to share my experience with others so they know their educational goals and that their presence matters at SMC. I am committed to completing my major coursework for Graphic Design as well as taking as many art and piano courses as I can. I hope to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona soon.

Diana BaltazarArea of Interest: People and Society , Psychology Major

Diana BaltazarI am currently in my third year at SMC studying Psychology and Sociology and planning on becoming a Social Worker. What brought me to SMC was the area and the amazing talk about the SMC family. I wanted to become an Ambassador to become a leader. Expanding my list of opportunities in my field of study is one of my goals. Another goal is helping others with the knowledge I gained as an Ambassador. My goal is to help as many students as possible. I currently run the @smccollegehacks posting important content for students. I’m committed to completing my Associate’s degree and then transferring to a four-year university. Hopefully, I would like to come back to SMC as a counselor.

Adama Camara: Area of Interest: People and Society , Psychology Major

Adama CamaraI’m glad I chose SMC because this college gave me room to figure out what I wanted to do and plan out my future when I transfer to other schools. What brought me to SMC was the amazing resources and programs that the college has to offer. Also, I wanted to save money by going to a community college. I wanted to be an Ambassador because I like educating students about different resources at SMC. I also wanted to be more involved at SMC and learn things from interacting with students.

Marco Ciccozzi: Area of Interest: Arts, Media, and Entertainment, Art Major

Marco CiccozziHi! My name is Marco. I am originally from Rome and am currently living in LA while attending SMC as a Student Ambassador. I am currently an art major and will be transferring soon. I am very excited to work with fellow students and Ambassadors. Switching majors can be very hard and it has helped me to find useful advice from other students. I want to help students who are going through what I went through and share the experiences that helped me along the way. I want to complete my art courses and transfer to a Cal State and study concept art and drawing.

David Garcia:  Area of Interest: Culture, History, and Languages, Undecided/History Major

David Garcia

After missing out on a real senior year of high school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to stay close to home for a couple of years. I also needed to decide what major I wanted to pursue and knew I could figure that out at SMC. I’m now a first-year student taking classes to help me figure things out, and was lucky enough to already be in a theatre production. I immediately joined the Scholars program and was excited that a program could help me succeed at transferring and letting me take honors level classes with my peers. I became a greeter/ambassador in order to give back to the SMC community that welcomed me with open arms. I want to be a shining light to visitors, current students, and prospective students. Whether they want to know where the library is or why they should go to SMC, I am there with a smile to help.

Jeanine Grimes: Area of Interest: Culture, History, and Languages, History Major 

Jeanine GrimesI am a history major with the intentions to attend law school and become a civil rights/human rights attorney. Also, I'm heavily involved on campus and outside of school, which has helped me grow as a student and an individual. Initially, I was completely lost during my senior year of high school. I heard back from many colleges with acceptances and rejections from various colleges, but my mind was set on one school. I decided to give SMC a try. I started college at the beginning of the pandemic, which made my circumstance even worse. I wanted to be an Ambassador because when I started at SMC I had no mentor to guide me through the college process and I know it can be extremely hard for first-generation students. In fact, I was more than happy to help others who struggled like I did and inform them about the amazing resources. During my time at SMC, I plan to earn an AA degree in History and transfer to UCLA or any four-year institution.

Meagan Harmon: Area of Interest: Culture, History, and Languages, English Major

Meagan HarmonI was initially introduced to SMC by a family friend who told me all about SMC's programs, courses, and the amazing transfer rate. I decided to apply to SMC because I believed it would be a great place to continue my academic journey while also putting myself on the right path to reach my career goals. Since then, SMC has lived up to its expectations and I'm glad I made the choice to enroll. I had a strong desire to become an Ambassador because I knew that students needed to meet someone who could relate and connect to their stories and backgrounds. I want to motivate students to complete their goals while also helping them complete those goals. My personal goals at SMC include transferring to a UC, participating in clubs, holding leadership positions, and leaving an impact.

Yoona Kim:  Area of Interest: Health and Wellness, Pre-Nursing, General Science Major

Yoona KimWhat brought me to SMC is that it is number 1 in transfers for 30 years and has a lot of classes that other California community colleges do not offer. I can pursue my educational goals by taking classes with excellent faculty. I am eager to help other students who are not aware of the great resources at SMC and so honored to have the opportunity to help students who have similar struggles. I want to help them realize their passion and dreams. I am dedicated to finishing all my prerequisite courses for the Nursing program.

Esperanza Luna:  Area of Interest: STEM, Ecology and Evolution Biology Major

Esperanza LunaSanta Monica college has helped me grow and reach my academic goals. I have come out of my shell of being shy. My goal is to focus on wildlife conservation. Santa Monica College has helped me with that journey by providing resources and internships. What brought me to SMC was that it was number 1 in transfer. I wanted to become an Ambassador because my goal is to share my knowledge and experience with others. I want to teach people that anything is possible, and it is okay to ask for help when it is needed. I am committed to mentoring students and gaining skills as I work towards my Bachelor’s degree.

Angel Morales Area of Interest: People and Society, Psychology Major

Angel MoralesWhat initially brought me to SMC was the overwhelming number of resources it has. I knew I wanted to pursue higher education, but I was aware I wasn't ready to embark on the journey of going to a four-year institution. I did all my research on local community colleges, and I felt that SMC was the best fit for me. The reason I was drawn to being an Ambassador was because I wanted to foster a sense of community at SMC. The transition from high school to college is a big jump and I wanted to help ease the transition. Additionally, I love what the Ambassadors stood for, and I too wanted to be part of a group that values inclusivity and is proud to be SMC. At SMC I am committed to completing a degree in psychology and successfully transfer to a four-year institution. Additionally, I am committed to making my time here worthwhile. Whether it be through engaging with students as a Student Ambassador, participating in clubs, or simply attending special events on campus. SMC has been one of the best experiences I have had. From the amazing programs, great teachers, and overall support, it has allowed me to achieve great things. Every day I am proud to be SMC.

Angelina NalchyanArea of Interest: STEM, Bioloogy Major

I felt compelled to attend Santa Monica College once I discovered the countless benefits, academic achievements, and student opportunities. I truly saw a bright future for myself here. SMC has the utmost excellent professors, counselors, and student representatives—to this I owe my smooth transition from high school to college. I chose to become a Student Ambassador to assist students in an effortless progression to college, along with a desire to connect with my peers and enrich a welcoming environment. I witnessed first-hand how important it was to be in contact with fellow students who can relate and understand you, who are enduring similar things, and who can help guide you to success. During my time at SMC as a second-year Biology major, I am committed to completing my lower division requirements to prepare for transfer to a 4-year university. I aspire to attend UCLA or USC where I will earn my Bachelor’s Degree and afterwards attend Medical School to pursue a career in Dermatology. I advise all students to join any programs or clubs that will engage your curiosity or aid in your career goals. SMC has so much to offer and they are all accessible and available to utilize.

Le Thuy NguyenArea of Interest: STEM, Computer Science Major

Le Thuy NguyenHi everyone! I’m Harley and this is my second year at SMC. My major is computer science. I would love to dedicate all the knowledge I know to help students achieve their college goals. The things that brought me to SMC are the diversity and the welcoming feeling that I belong. The most persuasive factor I chose SMC is its engaging community and student support. There are so many programs, organizations and activities that strengthen my college experience. In addition, SMC has the highest transfer rate through the excellent academic preparation students receive. I wanted to be an Ambassador because I love helping new students and engaging with them so they can achieve their goals. As a first-generation and non-traditional student, I totally understand some of the challenges new students face. In these struggling times, having someone to help is very important and meaningful. Also, I’m very grateful of what SMC brings to me so I want to bring SMC closer to everyone. My commitment to SMC is to complete my studies, earn an excellent education, and have a colorful student life. I came to the United States in my junior year of high school. I didn’t have a great academic experience and didn’t enjoy student life. I feel very lucky that I found SMC. It helps me accomplish what I missed in the past. In addition, it gives me the chance to transfer to my dream school. I’m trying to earn three Associates Degrees and transfer to a UC with an engineering major (hopefully UCLA).

Nataly Pineda:  Area of Interest: Arts, Media, and Entertainment, Film Studies Major 

I came to SMC because everyone always talked about what a great school it was, and because my mom is a former student who is a first-hand example of how it can set you on a great educational path. I decided to become an Ambassador because there is so much stigma surrounding community colleges, with people often thinking of them as being inferior to four-year universities. I want to help people understand that being a student at SMC is just as valid as being a student at any other school, and that they should be proud of themselves for making the decision to continue their educational journey. Plus, I know how hard adjusting to college can be, and I want to be able to help make things easier in any way that I can. I am committed to earning my AA in Film Studies before transferring to a four-year university. Being a student at SMC has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life. I've learned so much about both who I am as a person and who I want to be, and a big part of that is because of the amazingly supportive community at the school.

Kelly Ruiz:  Area of Interest: STEM, Public Health Major

Kelly RuizHi, I am Kelly. I have been a part-time student at SMC for 3 years in pursuit of completing my prerequisites for a public health degree. I hope to help individuals who are on a similar path as me and give them guidance toward their goal. The campus made me feel at home and I had heard wonderful things about the science department. I wanted to be an Ambassador to give incoming students the experience and knowledge they deserve by giving them the most helpful information.

Nadia RuizArea of Interest: People and Society, Political Science Major

Nadia RuizI'm so glad I decided to attend Santa Monica College, as I've had nothing but great experiences. I've been able to participate in amazing clubs, programs, and sports teams. My confidence has grown and my journey at SMC is proof of it. I became interested in Santa Monica College after learning more about all the programs and resources offered. After visiting the campus for the first time, I knew it was a supportive and positive environment. I wanted to be a Student Ambassador because it would allow me to help prospective and current students with their journey at SMC. I knew that to be a successful Ambassador, you had to learn and understand information before helping anyone else. In turn, I was excited to become a source of information that would help and support students. I am currently focused on completing my Public Policy and Liberal Arts Associate degrees along with my major prep courses!

Wendy Sibaja:  Area of Interest, Business, Business Marketing Major

Since being at SMC, I’ve been involved in the Adelante Program, Scholars Program, Adelante Club, Women in Business, Student Ambassadors, etc. and it has provided me leadership opportunities, work experience, and the opportunity to meet incredible people. I came to SMC because I felt connected, supported, and a priority. It was also easy for me to integrate into clubs, classes, and programs such as the Scholar’s Program. I wanted to be an Ambassador because the transition from high school to college was difficult. I didn't know how to enroll in classes, when and where to pay fees, and who I could go to for support. Additionally, being a first gen, it was a bit difficult to navigate on my own. That's why being an Ambassador allows me to help students like me. I'm committed to completing at SMC because it's an institution that has supported me mentally, physically, and financially. Additionally, I'm the first person in my family to go to college. I'll be receiving two degrees in the Spring when I graduate.

Angel SimentalArea of Interest: Arts, Media, and Entertainment, Architectur and Urban Planning Major, Business Minor

Angel SimentalWhen visiting several community colleges across Los Angeles and speaking with students who went there, I made sure to pay close attention to how they felt about their environment and success at the college. Within a few minutes of stepping foot at the main campus, I noticed students looked happy. Students were everywhere studying, conversing, and enjoying themselves across campus in and outside of classes. I knew I had come to the right place and immediately applied for admission and enrolled. I went from failing classes in high school to a dedicated scholar and global citizen because of the nurturing environment at SMC. I found my interests and aspirations and have used the plethora of resources at SMC to pursue them successfully. I wanted to become an Ambassador to give back and pay it forward to incoming students of all backgrounds. Everyone that I have come across has a program, professor, major, and staff to get them to the right resources to support both their academic and personal success, just as it has done for me since day one at SMC. I am a people person, and I enjoy being of service to all students whether on ground or virtually! I want to obtain my Associates in Architecture, build a strong portfolio and network, and transfer into a pre-professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture at a private university. My personal goal is for all of us to look back in the future as alumni and be grateful for our experience. Anything that helps in the pursuit of this and your goals, I am here for! I am committed to completing two AAs in general science and sociology.

Andrea VilchezArea of Interest: Arts, Media and Entertainment and Business, Communications Studies and Business Major

The first time I heard about SMC was when a counselor in high school brought it up in a conversation. I was so intrigued that I did my research when I got home.I wasn’t sure where I was heading or what I wanted to do after high school. The only thing I was certain about was that I needed guidance. After learning about what SMC had to offer, I immediately knew that it was the right place for me. This past year has been very challenging for many of us. As students, some of us had to face obstacles that made it difficult to keep up with classes. Through-out this pandemic, SMC has helped me face the barriers of online learning by offering me the support I needed. Being an Ambassador is an opportunity to give back, provide a welcoming environment and guide future students to the resources they need. As a second-year student at SMC, I am in the process of finishing the courses required in order to transfer in the Spring of 2022 to a four-year university, along with obtaining an Associate's degree in Communication Studies. I am part of the Scholars Program, as well as an active participant in the Alpha Gamma Sigma club, and Rotaract club.