AB Intra

He solves the puzzles when he reads the papers, on his train ride to and from the city. You see the not-so-young gentleman in the corner, with the quiet fierce eyes and straight back? That is our friend. He zips through The Tab, then The Globe, then The Times, gives up his seat to a pregnant woman. She sits without thanking him, like the seat was vacant to begin with. She didn’t see him. — Kandikuppa

The day turned to dusk, the bugs began to smack at the screens. A whippoorwill cooed again and again in the woods out back. Michelle looked over her strange little family and let the time pass. She thought there must be some word for it — just to sit awhile, the young and the old together, and nothing at all for any of them to do. — Griffith

Tweirdest things hold power in the world. Take the cross. Two pieces of wood, one long, one short. That’s all. Yet more than a sum of parts. What was the draw of that Freddy glove? Cloth and blades. What else? — Castle

Pen had always had an overactive imagination, spinning stories to themselves for hours on end. The kind of kid who invents invisible friends and pretends to talk to ghosts. And now, it seemed, birds. — Corrigan

In truth, there were times when he felt himself to know more than he should and to have foreknowledge of things he couldn’t possibly know — the odd change in weather, the long overdue arrival of a fat check for Emma from her ex in Yellowknife, the rusted ’30s era handgun buried in the roots of the hawthorn in their backyard where he suddenly wanted to dig. — Spatz

We believe that capitalism cannot function without unattainable goals — a slim waist, a rewarding, well-paying job, a big house, a bigger house, life in a new town, a new city, a better city with better trains and waterways — and for this reason we feel comfortable in the imagined space of the Yellow Bus of Future’s Arrow. It is not a lie anymore than anything else is. — Greene

Eleven months later he tacked a misspelled note to the cork board in the kitchen saying he’d realized he wasn’t cut out to run an inn or be in a committed relationship. He still had much to learn about himself, and so had already left for Florida’s sun and healing waters. He would send for his things later. Gud luck, he wrote. — Emmons

There wasn’t any reason to hurry, and she was happy to come along and tell me what she knew, but hurrying was part of the panic of that summer, the summer of 1974, when our parents were “working a lot of overtime.” I was equally infuriated by their general bullshit flakiness and by the fact they seemed not to realize I knew “working a lot of overtime” meant drying pot. — Moore

This revelation, the timbre of it…it’s like being wakened by the sound of the surf while dreaming of the beach you’re lying on. As soon as you hear it, you realize you expected to hear it. For every dollar buried in this county, there is the legend of a thousand more and a hidden map to nowhere. — Mattes

I t was a bad time for theater, even before the loud parade of budding kahunas in malformed animal costumes and hollowed-out puppet carcasses turned Broadway (where Hector had been only twice anyway) into a gargantuan theme park. A bad time for theater, a bad time for movies, a bad time for TV, barely a medium in the first place, and books and art — a bad time for everything. — Morrison