Submission Guidelines

The Santa Monica Review features fiction and nonfiction only. The editors are committed to fostering new talent as well as presenting new work by established authors. There is a special effort toward presenting and promoting writers who make their home in Southern California. To this end, each issue combines work by established and emerging writers from Southern California and beyond.

To get a sense of the kind of literary short stories, essays and interview the Review is looking for, please read the journal. Sample copies are available for $7. Past issues have featured work by Charles Baxter, Greg Bills, John Cage, Bernard Cooper, Amy Gerstler, Judith Grossman, Peter Handke, Jim Krusoe, Michelle Latiolais, Dwight Yates and Victoria Patterson. A special edition book, Absolute Disaster, featured the work of Los Angeles writers, including T.C. Boyle, Aimee Bender, Carolyn See, Lawrence Thornton, Judith Freeman, Harlan Ellison, and others.

The Santa Monica Review acquires first serial rights on accepted pieces; copyright reverts to the author after publication. Like most small, institutionally sponsored journals, we do not pay except in copies, a journal subscription, and vigorous promotion of our writers. We do not as a rule consider previously published material. Simultaneous submission is fine, as long as we are notified of the fact. Response time averages two months. A self-addressed, stamped envelope must, of course, accompany submissions. SMR does NOT accept email submissions.