Fall 1996 Santa Monica Review Cover

Fall 1996

Lee Montomery – Acknowledgements

Carol Muske Dukes – Introduction

Disasters In Love

Sandra Tsing Loh – Raiding the Larder

Julia Seltz – How to Marry a Republican

Allyson Shaw – Patsy is New in Town

Aimee Bender – Fugue

Disasters in Death and Dying

Jenny Cornuelle – Tongue

T. Coraghessan Boyle – The Sinking House

Benjamin Weissman – The Present

Charlie Hauck – Bust

John Peterson – Water, Blood, Leaves

Disasters in Cars

Harlan Ellison – Along the Scenic Route

Jerry Renek – Crying

Lawrence Thornton – White Coyote

John Steppling – The Chinese Girl’s Blindness

Disasters in the ’Hood

Jervey Tervalon – All Along the Watchtower

Judith Freeman – Wertheimer in the City

Robert Crais – The Man Who Knew Dick Bong

Disasters in Spirit, Imagination, and Thinking

Amy Gerstler – Dinosaurs

Rachel M. Resnick – Entertainment Tonight & Forever

Jay Gummerman – That Whole Ever-After Number

Michelle Latiolais – The Legal Case

Disasters of Earth and Man

Jim Krusoe – A Distant View of Hills

Peter Craig – Appease the Natives

John Mandelberg – May One

C. P. Rosenthal – Forever Burning

Carolyn See – Light Ages