Summer 1996 Santa Monica Review Cover

Summer 1996

Fernando Arrojo – Liberia

Gina Riveria – Three Poems

David Borofka – Mid-Clair

Bill Mohr – Two Poems

Bernard Cooper – Almost Like Language

Mary Otis – Candy King

Ehrich Wolfgang Skwara – Four Poems

Ronald Sukenick – Andy’s Story

Peter La Salle – The Enourmous Burden

Tom Carey – Bending In

Rebecca Childers – In the Body: Snapshots

Aliza Einhorn – Two Poems

Kris Vervaecke – You Girls

Stephen Ajay – The Spring Circus in Dharamsala

Shayda Abba – The Morning Train

Sal Salasin – Hi!

Sara Zoe Mondt – Something Like That

Greg Bottoms – Speaking in Tongues