Fall 1997 Santa Monica Review Cover

Fall 1997

Amy Gerstler – Two Poems

Stacey Levine – Frances Johnson

Paul Finn – Two Poems

Harryette Mullen – Four Fictions

Eve Wood – Photograph of My Mother with Cocker Spaniel, 1945

Ben Slotky – Why It’s So Hard Being Me

Christian Kiefer – Ten Reasons Why I’m Like Charles Manson

Mary Herbert – Flying Phobia

Cathy Jacobwitz – Night of Ginger, Night of Plum

Ben Mosher – Untitled

Laura Lee Washburn – Two Poems

Steve Katz – Nelly Helps Joe

Kenward Elmslie – Sunday in Dunedin

Steven Carter – Test

Laura Kopchick – Leaving

Deborah Bogen – Two Poems

Michelle Latiolais – The Miner

Lokenath Bhattacharya – Two Poems

Michael Silverblatt – The Only Way Out: An Interview with Michael Ondaatje