Fall 2001 Santa Monica Review Cover

Fall 2001

Carolyn Doty – "Kawabata on the Upper Eastside"

Nash Candelaria – "Education in Gringoland"

Tod Goldberg – "The Jesus of Cathedral City"

Elizabeth Kadetsky – "Notes from a Crosstown Journey"

Trinie Dalton – "Total Laryngitis"

Liza Taylor – "Ant Farm"

Zach Braun – "It Had to be You"

Keenan Norris – "1,369 Fairytales Hanged in the Basement Cain’t Be Seen"

Diane Lefer – "At the Site Where Vision is Most Perfect"

Rosemary Graham – "Death Rites"

Victoria Morsell – "Clown"

Christopher Buckley – "My Life in Boxing"

Nahid Rachlin – "Forget Me"

Albert Goldbarth – "The Future"