Spring 2005 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2005

James D. Houston – Daily Evangelism

Roy Glassberg – Punctuality

Meredith Resnick – My Own Person from Mama is a Four-Letter Word

Sharon Doubiago – Santa and the Black Dahlia from My Father’s Love, Portrait of the Poet as a Girl

Roberto Ontiveros – The Fight for Space

Dylan Landis – from Floorwork

Jonathan Cohen – A Fantasia on Hollis Glen Jewish Center

Paul Eggers – A Thinly-Veiled Autobiography Regarding My Reasons for Giving up Chess

Trinie Dalton – Extreme Sweets

Michelle Latiolais – from Paul

Ariane Simard – Brother

Christopher Hood – How I Met My Third Wife in Siberia

Janice Shapiro – In Its Place

Gary Fincke – The Sorrows