Spring 2007 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2007

Ursula K. Le Guin – Maxine Cushing Gray Award Acceptance Speech

Alisa Slaughter – Unnatural Deeds, Unnatural Troubles

Don Waters – Blood Management

Christina Hammonds Reed – Red Heart, Blue Sky

Susan Sink – Freedom Tub

Jessica Breheny – The Art of Disappearing

James D. Houston – The Chosen One from Bird of Another Heaven

Dylan Landis – Fly or Die from Floorwork

Michael Cadnum – Lost and Worse

Roberto Ontiveros – Ruby Coast

M. Claudia Trifa – The Life and Death and Life of Mr. Vladimirescu

John Mandel – Theater of Servitude

Janice Shapiro – Ennui

Diane Lefer – Aspirants