Spring 2012 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2012

Michelle Chihara – Female Lead or A Pitch for a Character-Driven One-Hour Procedural Television Show

JJ Strong – The Earth Moved

Tara Ison – Fish

Michael Guista – Are You Okay?

Roberto Ontiveros – Curfew

T. Duncan Anderson – Shelter

Benjamin T. Miller – A Fishing Story

Cynthia Adam Prochaska – Tenure

Katya Apekina – My Smell Journal: [orange peels, ink, coffee filters]

Dwight Yates – The Pig in Question

Ben Ehrenreich – 121 Stars

Rhoda Huffey – Rima

Christopher Buckley – Magneto

Ben Slotky – Something Is Doing This

Jonathan Cohen – My Passion

Jenny Shank – Casa del Rey

Linda Purdy – Así es La Vida and The UFO That Stayed