Fall 2013 Santa Monica Review Cover

Fall 2013

David Kranes – The Burning Lake

Rich Ives – Alternative Systems of Understanding Offering Heartwarming Potential

Michelle Latiolais – Consecrated Ground

Michelle Latiolais – Promotion

Dylan Landis – Fly or Die

Andrew Nicholls – Molly I Never

Jeffrey Chapman – The Quails

Barry Gifford – Real Bandits

Barry Gifford – Drifting Down the Old Whangpoo

Geoff Wyss – Journal

Grace Singh Smith – Honor

Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth – A Dirty Dozen from Camouflage Country

Christopher Buckley – A Rat in the House: My Problems with Math

Alex R. Jones – Matinee

Linda Rui Feng – Mountain Lion Is a Kind of Cat Too

J.P. Gritton – “Curly”

Marilyn Abildskov – Why She Travels

g c cunningham – The First Flight

g c cunningham – My First Marine Corps Essay

Ron Carlson – The Regal Coaches Had Departed

Tom Lutz – Multiculturalism in Iran