Spring 2014 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2014

Michelle Chihara – The Bride Laid Bare By Her Bachelors Even

Gary Soto – A River Runs Through It, Bad Start, The Family Fortune

Christian Kiefer – Hollywood And Toadvine

Michael Cadnum – Hangtown Blues

Trinie Dalton – Olivaer Platz, Travel Agent

D. J. Lambert – Foreigners

Erik Rangno – Reunion

Monona Wali – Ram Ram

J. M. Hollwig – The Callaghan Chronicle

Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth – A Slick Six From Camouflage Country

Karl Taro Greenfeld – Tokio-2.Doc

Steve De Jarnatt – Monkey Wrench

Roberto Ontiveros 120 – The Offices Of Fang And Claw

Lorene Delany-Ullman – An Excerpt From Sweet Spot: My Life As The Wife Of A Minor League Baseball Player

Lisa Locascio – Port Angeles

Kathleen Mackay – Phosphorescence

Mark Maxwell – The Sweetwater Stranger