Spring 2017 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2017

Karl Taro Greenfeld – Guardians of the Palisades

Barry Gifford – The Colony of the Sun

Hilary Zaid – Treason’s Greetings

Ben Slotky – Twenty-Seven Cats

Mark Gozonsky – The Shatterproof Confidence of the Truly Self-Loathing

A. Joachim Glage – One, Two, Three

Oxana Safronova – Soul Kitchen (and Other Stories)

Ryan Ridge – Echoes of Echo Park

Vicki Forman – Route One from Freedom Baby

JP Vallières – Big Walmart

Stefan Mattessich – On Liberty

Gary Fincke – Gun Comfort

John Mandelberg – An Apology

Lisa Alvarez – The Frontera Grill

Colin Dodds – Onboarding in the Tower of Babel

Leslie Brody – Conversations with the Irish Smugglers

Gary Soto – Tell Me, Once Again, What Was It Like?