Spring 2021 Santa Monica Review Cover

Spring 2021

Michelle Latiolais – Scat

Michael Mattes – An Instinct for Movement

Andrew Duncan Waddell – Troopy

T.S. McAdams – Scenes of Winter in the Desert

Lyndsey Ellis – Jazz & Other Words for Love

Elison Alcovendaz – Mom, After

Laura Glen Louis – Two Men, Lion, Baby

Yxta Maya Murray – Item #4

Maya Jewell Zeller – Office Woman Revises the Outcomes; Office Woman & Galroggia, Destroyer of Planets; “Snippets in Which We Witness Expressions of their Unusual Connection” (an Office Man & Office Woman Post-Op)

Leland Cheuk – SitterSource

Tiffany Isaacs – That Other Place

Jenny Shank – The Sit-In

Rhoda Huffey – Shalom