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Santa Monica College's Blue Economy Podcast

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Doing What Works: Exploring the Blue Economy is a podcast series created at Santa Monica College that dives deep into the vast potential and challenges of the Blue Economy.  Its goal: help listeners discover and learn more about future opportunities that the Blue Economy has for students, industry and the Los Angeles economy.

Listen to Episode 1 as it sets the stage for your journey into the Blue Economy.
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Podcast Episode Guide

Episode 1, Featuring Nathan ChurchesEpisode 1
Dr. Nathan Churches
Co-Founder/Chief Science Officer, Holdfast Aquaculture

Episode 2, Featuring Stephen CheungEpisode 2
Stephen Cheung
President and CEO Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation 
President, World Trade Center Los Angeles

Episode 3, Featuring Torre Polizzi and Leslie BooherEpisode 3
Torre Polizzi & Leslie Booher
CEOs/Farmers, Sunken Seaweed

Episode 4, Featuring Eliza HarrisonEpisode 4
Eliza Harrison
Director of California Operations, Ocean Rainforest

Episode 5, Featuring Jo TavaresEpisode 5
Jo Tavares
Director, California Center for Climate Change Education at WLAC

Episode 6, Featuring Terry TamminenEpisode 6
Terry Tamminen
President and CEO, AltaSea

Episode 7, Featuring Gary FleenerEpisode 7
Gary Fleener
Science, Sustainability and Farm Education Manager, Hog Island Oyster Co.

Episode 8, Featuring Christy Sterner Episode 7
Christy Sterner
Project Manager for the Advanced Algal Systems Program at the U.S. Department of Energy


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Meet the SMC Team

Ashanti Blaize-Hopkins: An Emmy award-winning journalist, with decades of experience hosting news, entertainment and educational content across a multitude of media and digital platforms. Blaize-Hopkins is also the interim associate dean of the Center for Media and Design at Santa Monica College and the president of the national Society of Professional Journalists.
Ferris Kawar: For the past 20 years Ferris has been a change agent, using his degree in Marketing, and subsequent experience at an ad agency, to promote sustainable practices to individuals, businesses and institutions. As a sustainability professional, Ferris has experience teaching sustainability workshops, developing climate-related media, researching and publishing city guides to green business, and serving as Recycling Specialist for the City of Burbank. Ferris is currently the Sustainability Project Manager for Santa Monica College where he gets to work with students, faculty and staff to keep the institution’s sustainability leadership position strong among the community colleges in California.

Anthony McKinzy: An all-round radio talent with over 28 years in the industry.  He has worked in numerous markets with experience as a “Radio Personality, Radio Production Manager, Imaging Director, Podcast Producer and as a Voiceover Talent”.  His work is heard on radio stations throughout the United States as well as abroad.

Anthony was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  Served our country as a United States Marine and a proud graduate of Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English.