Gateway to Persistence and Success

This 60 second video explains how GPS is here to support students in their academic success. 

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  • SMC's GPS (Gateway to Persistence and Success) is an online platform to support student success and retention.
  • Faculty can proactively reach out to students to get them involved and supported in their academic success.
  • Students can access Support Services, Counseling, Tutoring, and other services more quickly than the existing channels of support on campus.

The Main Features of GPS

Who is using GPS?

Professor N.
Professor N., Faculty
“I got immediate responses from two students when I raised flags for missing assignments."
Professor J.
Professor J., Faculty
“Helping to get students back in the game and communicating with me, there is no way I could have taken the time to call or email each of those students, so having this tool really helped many of my students.”

How does GPS Benefit Students?

Watch this 50 second video of student Alex R.'s reaction to receiving a kudos from her professor. 

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Student Guide to GPS

Faculty Guide to GPS

Counseling Guide to GPS

Admin Guide to GPS 

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