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Attention SMC Students:

  1. Below is a list of Clubs:
    • Spring Clubs will state next to their club names, Spring 2022, for example:  True Club - Spring 2022,
    • all other Clubs we had last semester and are waiting for them to register for Spring 2022.
    • Check back every other week for new or continuing clubs are installed.
  2. The Club Registration Application is now available on our ICC Webpage, if you would like to start a new club or re-register your club to continue in the Spring 2022.

Arts, Media and Entertainment

Design and Creativity


Culture, History, and Languages

Culture Connection!


Health and Wellness

People and Society

Political and Advocacy

Organizations of Faith

Honors, Transferring, and Networking


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Meet New Students!

Proud to Be SMC