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Attention SMC Students:

  • Installed Clubs are labeled with Fall 2021 and placed at the top of each catetgory, for example:  Club Name - Fall 2021
  • Pending Clubs- are not labeled with Fall 2021, until they are installed.
  • Clubs will be installed for the Fall 2021 every two weeks.
  • The Club List below is from last year, and usually have registered by mid-semester, therefore check back to this page every two weeks.
  • SMC Currently Enrolled Students can register a club or create a club, go to ICC Webpage , see section #4 Create Your Club.

Arts, Media and Entertainment

Design and Creativity


Culture, History, and Languages

Culture Connection!


Health and Wellness

People and Society

Political and Advocacy

Organizations of Faith

Honors, Transferring, and Networking


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Meet New Students!

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