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Business Administration (2.0)

Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)

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This program map (version 2.0) is for students who begin college in fall 2022 or later.  Students who started at a community college or a CSU before fall 2022 and are following the original version of this degree should see a counselor for an appropriate program map. Students who started at a CCC or CSU prior to Fall 2022 may also follow version 2.0.

NOTE: Noncredit Pathway Opportunities: The noncredit certificates of completion below can serve as a bridge into for-credit coursework in this program. Refer to for more information.

  • Business Essentials Level 1: BUS NC 901 and 902
  • Customer Service: BUS NC 911 and 912
  • Receptionist: BUS NC 911 and CIS NC 902 and 903

Semester 1

16 Units

Semester 2

15-17 Units

Semester 3

14 Units

Semester 4

15 Units