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Infant/Toddler Teacher

Associate in Science (AS) / Certificate of Achievement

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  • Gateway Course Gateway Course

  • Program Requirement Program Requirement

  • General Education General Education

  • Appropriate for Intersession Appropriate for Intersession

  • Available Online Available Online

  • Global Citizenship Global Citizenship

NOTE: Noncredit Pathway Opportunity: The noncredit Certificate of Completion below can serve as a bridge into for-credit coursework. Refer to for more information.

  • Introduction to Early Care and Education: ECE NC 901, 902 and 903.

After students complete the noncredit certificate and any 6 units of ECE coursework, they are able to receive an Assistant Teacher Permit from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and enter public or private sector employment as an Assistant Teacher in a preschool or other early care and education environment. 

Semester 1

15 Units

Semester 2

15-17 Units

Elective Course 3 units Intersession Course

Semester 3

16-17 Units

Semester 4

14 Units