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Nursing (Registered Nursing, ADN)

Associate in Science (AS)

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NOTE: This program has specific guidelines and advisement. Student should attend an Information Session and meet with a Health Sciences counselor prior to applying to the Program.

The prerequisite courses for the Nursing Program can be done in a shorter amount of time by using 6 -8 week intersession to complete science courses.

GE requirements are not REQUIRED to be completed prior to entrance to the Nursing Program, but may offer the student additional criteria points for admission, so it is recommended.

Noncredit Pathway Opportunity: The noncredit Certificate of Completion below can serve as a bridge into for-credit coursework. Refer to for more information. 

  • Introduction to Working with Older Adults: HEALTH NC 905, 906 and 907. This certificate is an introductory program for those students interested in credit courses in nursing and allied health. Gerontology is a multidisciplinary science and is applicable to any of the ancillary healthcare services. Students will benefit from the program by learning how to meet the unique and diverse non-medical needs of older adults. For those students completing the certificate program, there are immediate job openings for personal caregivers, companions and support staff.
  • Nurse Assistant Pre-Certification Training Program (CNA): HEALTH NC 985 and 986.  This certificate assists students in the development of skills needed to succeed in college and prepare for a career as a certified nurse assistant and home health aide. The 180-hour curriculum prepares students to achieve the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to work as entry level nurse assistants caring for patients in hospitals, assisted living, and long-term care settings.
  • Home Health Aide Pre-Certification Program: HEALTH NC 987 and 988.  This certificate assists students in the development of skills needed to succeed in college and prepare for a career as a certified home health aide. The 54-hour curriculum prepares students to build upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a nurse assistant to work as entry level home health aides caring for patients in home health and hospice settings.

Semester 1

14-16 Units

Semester 2

13 Units

Semester 3

11 Units

Semester 4

11 Units

Semester 5

9 Units

Semester 6

8 Units

Semester 7

10 Units

Semester 8

8 Units