The Maintenance department is charged with maintaining the College’s building assets and caring for the buildings, equipment and infrastructure. Maintenance provides many services for the SMC College community; including, but not limited to electrical, elevator maintenance, heating and cooling, mechanical services, plumbing, lock and key, carpentry, painting, and construction.

Maintenance staff operates from 5 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with limited staff after hours and on-call. 

How to Submit a Work Request

To submit a work request, please review the information below and be sure to include the following when filling out the form. SMC Employees must log in with your SMC credentials to submit a work request 

Subject of Your Request

Please enter one of the following in the subject of your work request along with full details, including any appropriate circumstances or supplementary information that may aid in resolving it:

  1. Carpentry 
    1. Building name, floor, room/office number letter. Please indicate if this is a staff or faculty office. 
    2. Type of service required: Maintenance of all campus doors, mount dry-erase boards, repair, cabinetry, repair furniture, and other related carpentry services as needed.

  2. Electrical
    1. Approximate location and direction, if possible (ex. West entrance, North/West corner). 
    2. Type of service required: all lighting, clock adjustment and other electrical issues.

  3. HVAC
    1. Building name, floor, room/office number letter. Please indicate if this is a staff or faculty office.
    2. Please include contact information, class schedule, and best time to address the issue. Specifically, if it is okay to come into a classroom during a specific window.
    3. Type of service required: Diagnosis, adjustment and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and related equipment and facilities.

  4. Locksmith - All key requests are processed by Campus Police administrative services.
    1. All key requests must be requested through Campus Police. Request a key form and indicate what type of access is required: Key (Physical) or electronic access (FOB). Include name of staff, building name, office location and number, file cabinet make and lock cylinder number.  Once processed, they will send an email directly to staff when the key is ready to be picked up. 
    2. Other types of requests required: Repairs for locks, doors, and cabinets; door closures, and other exit hardware.  

  5. Plumbing
    1. All repairs, leaks, and plumbing services should be reported to the maintenance department at (310) 434-4378.

  6. Painting and General Construction
    1. All campus repairs, touch-up, and light painting requests need to be scheduled. Please include full details, scheduling preferences and contact information.
    2. The Construction Supervisor will contact you for scheduling.
    3. All other general campus requests regarding fencing, parking curbs, and campus repairs should be reported to the maintenance department at 310-434-4378.

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