Risk Management



Procedures for Fine Arts Exhibitions Insurance Coverage

The Risk Management Department shall be notified at least (10) ten days prior to the Art Department receiving any art going on exhibit.

For the Peter & Susan Barrett Art Gallery - Each exhibitor must complete and sign the Art Gallery Insurance Receipt & Return of Work form with the Art department, and/or provide the information to Risk Management for Insurance Coverage.  All other Galleries or Exhibitions (Emeritus, Etc.), please provide the information referenced below.

  • Site
  • Name of Exhibition
  • Insurance coverage period
  • Exhibitor
  • Title of art
  • Medium (type)
  • Size
  • Insurance value for each piece
  • Total insured value (TIV)

Important:  If the above information is submitted to Risk Management after the department receives artwork, you must contact Risk Management immediately to complete a "No Loss" letter prior to receiving coverage for items on exhibition.