Building Monitors


What characteristics should a Building Monitor have?

  1. Willing to accept the responsibility of being a Building Monitor

  2. Reliable

  3. Respected by other employees

  4. Rarely out of the office

  5. Be familiar with the names and faces of employees in the area they are assigned

Building Monitor Responsibilities

Building Monitors:

  • look out for the safety of individuals and property in their designated area.

  • will manage evacuations, check assigned areas, and coordinate emergency operation procedures as necessary.

  • will coordinate assistance for disabled and injured individuals.

  • will assist other monitors when they have cleared their designated area.

  • will report the status of their building(s) and its occupants to the Santa Monica College Police Department.

Specific Duties

  • Familiarize personnel (students, faculty, and staff) with emergency operation procedures.

  • Act as liaison between the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the occupants in their designated areas.

  • Ensure that occupants have vacated their designated areas in the event of an evacuation.

  • Know the locations of designated evacuation areas and communicate this information to occupants.

  • Ensure that disabled persons and visitors are assisted when evacuating a building.

  • Evaluate and report problems to their designated contact in the EOC.

  • Ensure the College’s emergency posters and evacuation maps are posted in each classroom and other prominent areas.

Building Monitors on the SMC Quad