Structure Fires

It is suggested that individuals who use wheelchairs or have a mobility impairment prepare for an emergency ahead of time by instructing coworkers or fellow students on how to assist in an emergency. Upon discovering a fire, close the door to the room where the fire is located and immediately sound the building fire alarm.

  • Contact College Police at 310-434-4300 or dial 911.

  • Give your name and the location of the fire. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so. 

  • If the fire is small, you may wish to fight it with a fire extinguisher or building fire hose. Be sure you are using the proper extinguisher for the type of fire you are fighting. If you are not sure, read the instructions on the extinguisher.

  • If the fire is large, very smoky, or spreading rapidly, leave the building immediately and report to the designated emergency staging location. Inform others in the building who may not have responded to the alarm to leave immediately. The alarm may not sound continuously. Even if the alarm stops, continue to evacuate the building and warn others who may attempt to enter the building. ALWAYS EVACUATE A BUILDING IF THE ALARM IS SOUNDING. 

  • If time permits, turn off computers, unplug electrical equipment, take your purse or wallet, and close windows and doors before leaving.

  • If you have a mobility impairment, request assistance from those nearest you. If no one is there to render assistance, proceed to the nearest stairway landing, and shout for help. Consultation about these procedures is available from the College Police Department.

  • When fire alarms sound, do not use the elevators. An elevator may become a trap. Assist (help carry, if necessary) all disabled persons in using the stairs.

  • If there is a closed door in your exit path, touch the door lightly with the back of your hand to ensure it is not warm. If it is not warm, open slowly. Be prepared to close the door quickly if smoke or flames are present. 

  • If there is smoke in your only exit path, crawl on hands and knees, keeping your head as close to the ground as possible to avoid inhaling toxic fumes.

  • Relocate to your designated assembly area, which should be a distance of at least 500 feet from the building, and stay out of the way of emergency personnel.

Fire Alarms

When the fire alarms sound, you must leave the building immediately. If you discover a fire, locate and activate the nearest fire alarm pull station. Leave the area of the fire immediately. Once you have reached an area of safety, contact College Police to report what you observed when you discovered the fire.

Do not use the elevators during a fire alarm. Use the nearest stairway to get to ground level and exit the building.

Do NOT pull the fire alarm for an individual emergency.

Persons with disabilities - go to stairway landings and wait for emergency rescue personnel. Stairwells are constructed with a higher fire rating than any other areas of a building. Emergency personnel responding to the building will be checking the stairway landings for persons with disabilities upon their arrival.

Stay together as a group. Faculty should be prepared to account for their students. Notify College Police (dial 4300 from a College phone) of any persons with disabilities requiring assistance. If possible, have someone stay behind with persons with disabilities until emergency personnel arrive.

When evacuating, remember to turn off the lights and lock your office or classroom behind you.
Remain calm and walk—do not run.

Once outside the building, keep at least 100 feet from the building and any emergency vehicles.

Stay outside the building until police or fire personnel have given an “All Clear” announcement.

In the event of a fire, remember these guidelines:

Rescue others and remove yourself.

Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.

Confine the fire by closing all doors.

Extinguish small fires, if you can; otherwise evacuate.

Fire Extinguishers

It may be possible to put out a small fire using a portable fire extinguisher. Follow these guidelines when using a fire extinguisher:

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.

  • Do not take unnecessary risks or put yourself in danger.

  • Stay 6 to 8 feet away from the fire.

Use the PASS process to deploy the fire extinguisher:

Pull the pin.

Aim at the base of the flame.

Squeeze the lever.

Sweep the extinguisher slowly back and forth.

If the fire is not put out by the extinguisher, leave the area immediately. Contact College Police immediately at 310-434-4300 or 4300 from a college phone upon reaching an area of safety.