Power Outages


​​If a power outage occurs

  • Remain calm.

  • Contact College Police at 310-434-4300 or dial 911

  • Give your name, location, and telephone number. Advise the dispatcher or coordinator of the situation and of any additional locations that are without power. The dispatcher or coordinator will immediately notify the appropriate department or agency of the outage.

  • Provide assistance to other individuals in your immediate area.

  • Secure files, turn off computers, unplug electronic equipment, and lock windows and doors as you leave.

  • If you are in an unlit area, proceed cautiously to an area that has emergency lights.

  • If you are trapped in an elevator, remain calm. Use the intercom, emergency telephone, or emergency call button. Public Safety officers, or the fire department, will be dispatched to your location for assistance.

  • Stand by for instruction from your coordinator or from Public Safety personnel.