Equity, Pathways, & Inclusion

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Resources & Recordings from the
Racial Equity Leadership Alliance Sessions

California Community Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance concluded its first year of professional learning sessions. On average, 93% of attendees reported that they found each session practically useful. The SMC Community may access a SharePoint folder with viewable and downloadable recordings and materials from each of the 12 monthly sessions:

USC Racial Equity Alliance Sharepoint Folder

What is Equity, Pathways, and Inclusion?

The EPI department is committed to developing an integrated infrastructure for equity, pathways and inclusion to support and meet the needs of all our college campus community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) to reach SMC’s racial equity imperative and student success goals both inside and outside the classroom.

Current EPI Events and Resources

Upcoming webinars, series, and resources from EPI and our partners in equity.


Contact Us

For questions or to learn more about Equity, Pathways, & Inclusion, please feel free to email us: EPI@smc.edu

Main Phone Line

The EPI Team:

  • Maria Muñoz, Ph.D – Dean of Equity, Pathways, & Inclusion (Interim)
  • Silvana Carrion-Palomares – Project Manager, National Science Foundation Grant
  • Guido Davis del Piccolo – Faculty Lead, Redesign/Guided Pathways
  • Vacant – Project Manager, Guided Pathways and Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEAP)
  • Paige Glaves – Administrative Assistant II

Please excuse our dust as a more comprehensive webpage is being developed for this new department and its associated programs.


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