Election & Rules


​​Welcome to the Election & Rules Committee.

Scope & Functions


Under the direction of the Academic Senate President and the Committee of the Whole, the committee conducts elections in accordance with the bylaws and academic regulations and recommends changes as needed in the constitution and bylaws. The committee shall not endorse or campaign for candidates and ensures that Senate resources are not used for such purposes.


  1. Conducts elections during the spring semester, from inviting nominations through tallying and reporting results to the Academic Senate.

  2. Reviews the Academic Senate Constitution and By-Laws annually and makes appropriate recommendations, as needed, to the Academic Senate.

  3. Considers other matters deemed as appropriate by the Academic Senate. (Revised March 14, 2006; 47-0)


Chair, Moya M Mazorow, PhD: 310-434-4867

Membership: Faculty only.


  • Janet Harclerode

  • Matthew Musselman

  • Moya Mazorow (Chair)

  • Andrew Nestler


Tentative scheduled:​

Time: Selected Tuesday 1:30 to 3 as needed

Location: MC 33

Current Elections Schedule - Fall 2016

Department Chair Elections

Departments involved Fall 2016: ART, CSIS, Photo/Fashion, and Library

The term of the current chair is scheduled to end spring semester 2017. Elections will be held this fall to select someone to recommend​ to President Jeffery a faculty member to serve the next four year term. The new term will run from the beginning of the summer session of 2017 through the end of the spring semester of 2021.

All tenured faculty, including the current chair, are eligible to serve as the department chair. All tenured and probationary full-time faculty are eligible to vote in the election. The timeline for the process is as follow:

Dates Action
Week 5, Fall semester Departments notified of election and timeline
Monday, Oct 3 - Friday, Oct 21 Self- nominations to Jennifer Merlic and Georgia Lorenz by 5:00 pm accepted
Monday Oct 24 Department notified of nominees
Monday, Nov 14 - Friday, Nov 18 Voting Occurs in mProfessor
Monday, Nov 21 Results forwarded to President Jeffery to inform her appointment
By Friday Dec 2 Department informed of President Jeffery's appointment

Spring 2016

Curriculum Representative Elections

The term of approximately one-third of the elected Curriculum representatives is scheduled to end each spring semester. Elections will be held each spring to select representatives to serve the next term. The new term will be a three year term starting at the beginning of the subsequent fall semester.

Elections for representatives for the following areas are planned for a three year term from Fall 2017 to spring 2020:

  1. ECE, Psychology

  2. Art, Dance, Music, Theater Arts

  3. English

  4. Business, CSIS

Senate Electoral Area Representatives

11 faculty members from the Adjoint Faculty pool are selected each semester along with full-time faculty members from selected elected areas as determined by expiration of terms and guidelines established in the Senate Bylaws.

Senate Officers

  • President Elect

  • Recording Secretary

  • Treasurer

Agendas & Minutes