Senate Ad-Hoc Modalities Committee


Committee Scope & Function

This ad-hoc committee of the Santa Monica College Academic Senate will convene to:

  • define the range of modalities  
  • clarify guidelines on implementation of modalities, and  
  • develop a plan to effectively communicate definitions and guidelines to SMC stakeholders (faculty, relevant administration, counselors, students) for SMC’s distance education class offerings. 

The Committee’s work responds to changing Title V language around distance education , the substantial changes in DE practice emerging as a result of a mass, sudden shift to emergency remote teaching and learning during the pandemic, and reported confusion from SMC stakeholders.  

The Ad-Hoc Modalities Committee will comprise relevant stakeholders from faculty and administration, including members of the Distance Education, Department Chairs, and Curriculum Committees, along with representatives of Academic Affairs and student government.

The Ad-Hoc Modalities Committee will be dissolved at the conclusion of the 2021/22 academic year or the conclusion of its business, whichever comes first. Recommendations will be brought to the Senate for approval through established shared governance processes according to the Senate by-laws.  



Joelle Adams


Jillian Alexander (part-time representative standing in for Catherine Matheson), Jason Beardsley, Sheila Cordova, Dana Del George, Josh Elizondo (or other student representative) Chris Grant, Maral Hyelar, Luke Johnston, Jamar London, Catherine Matheson (or other part-time faculty representative), Kas Metzler, Elisa Meyer, Peter Morse, Howard Stahl, Yukiko Tsuboi, Sal Veas, Tammara Whitaker

Interested Parties

Christyanne Melendez

Agenda and Minutes