Open Education Resources Committee (OER)



Under the direction of the Academic Senate President and the Committee of the Whole, the committee serves as the Senate’s primary resource on academic and professional matters, including policy, regarding Open Education Resources and Zero Textbook Cost resources and professional development. It provides the support needed by faculty to explore and adapt/adopt OER/ZTC course materials while preserving academic freedom and adhering to the state laws.


  1. Support faculty in the process of integrating OER/ZTC options into their curriculum.
  2. Provide professional development about OER/ZTC for the campus community.
  3. Support department collaboration around ZTC efforts and degrees.
  4. Monitor and evaluate campus data related to OER, including data examining Equity and Success rates.
  5. Establish and manage OER/ZTC marketing efforts to support student awareness.
  6. Explore and establish sustainable support structures for OER/ZTC efforts and activities (i.e. faculty sabbaticals, grant opportunities, etc).

What are OER and ZTC?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are basically resources used for education that can be accessed freely. OER can include course materials, textbooks, slide shows, videos, images, music, and more! 

Zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) is a designation applied to course sections that have adopted an OER or other ZTC options for their required textbook, such as a Library ebook with proper licensing.

OER are also defined in Section 78052 of California Education Code  and "ZTC" is defined through SB 1359.  

Why OER?

There are so many reasons why we should use OER in place of commercial resources whenever possible. Here are a few to consider:

  1. OER are available online or digitally for free, which lowers the cost of education for students.
  2. OER support academic freedom and provides faculty control over their instructional materials.
  3. OER can be reused, updated, and made accessible in a variety of ways aligning with equity efforts.

Need More Information?

Visit the SMC OER Guide for further details about where to find OER and the supports available at SMC, or contact any of the committee members.

Members, Spring 2024

Bren Antrim (Chair)
Walter Butler (Vice Chair) 
Evelyn Chantani (ASCCC OER Liaison)
Roxana Cruz
Gary Huff
Eartha Johnson 
Sarah Leinen
Vanessa Malzone
Guadalupe Salgado