Professional Development Committee

Flexible Calendar Activities Guidelines


All full-time faculty are responsible for completing flex activities as follows:

  • 2 institutional flex days (6 hours each)
  • 3 departmental flex days (6 hours each)
  • Individual flex activities approved by the department chair. (4 days/24 hours)

Acceptable Flex Calendar Activities per Title V, 55724 – 1 – 9:

  1. Course instruction and evaluation
  2. Staff development, in-service training, and evaluation
  3. Program and course curriculum resource development and evaluation
  4. Student personnel services
  5. Learning Resource Services
  6. Related activities such as student advising, guidance, orientation, matriculation services, and student, faculty and staff diversity
  7. Departmental or division meetings, conference and workshops and institutional research
  8. Other duties as assigned by the district
  9. The necessary supporting activities for the above

Special Circumstances:

  1. Sabbatical: Faculty on sabbatical will receive credit for one institutional flex day, 2 departmental flex days if Fall sabbatical; 1 departmental flex day if Spring sabbatical; and 12 hours of individual flex hours during the sabbatical semester.
  2. Activities not approved: Any activity required to teach day to day or for which faculty already receive compensation.
  3. Note to Part-time Counseling Faculty: You are not required to complete individual flex activities, except for your instructional assignment.
  4. Part-time faculty: Part-time faculty (including librarians) are responsible for flex hours equal to one week’s assignment.
  5. Overload: Full-time faculty who teach an overload are responsible for additional flex hours equal to one week’s assignment.
  6. Faculty who teach noncredit courses are not required to complete flex activities for this assignment.
  7. Emeritus College faculty members are not required to complete flex activities for their Emeritus class assignments.