Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Awards


Applications for 2024-2025

Sabbatical Application 2025-26 (available late summer or early Fall 2024)

  • E-Signature Page information due early/mid Fall 2024
  • Applications due early/mid Fall 2024
  • Eligible faculty (full-time): Hired 2019-2020 or earlier, last sabbatical 2018-2019 or earlier

Fellowship Application for 2024-2025 (<-----click for application)

  • Fellowship Applications are due Thursday, May 2nd

Sabbatical FAQs

Fellowship FAQs


George Davison, Chair (English)

Tre'Shawn Hall-Baker, Vice Chair (Dean of Human Resources)

Angie Misaghi, English

Oriana Kim, Life Science

Lauren Movius, Communications and Media Studies

Mary Eshaghian, CSIS

Reggie Ellis, Athletic Director

Dorothy Chin, Psychology


The Committee recommends to the Board of Trustees the awarding of leave time and financial stipends to support individual faculty as they pursue worthwhile professional development.

Agenda for 5-24-23 Meeting

Agenda for 3-3-23 Meeting

Agenda for 10-28-21 Meeting

Agenda for 5-26-22 Meeting

Agendas & Minutes

Sabbatical Application and Related Information

  • Sabbatical Application Pointers (October, 29, 2015 Presentation, click the link)

  • Sabbatical reports should be sent to the sabbatical chair no later than the eighth week of the semester following a sabbatical. Reports may vary from person to person, but a basic report should include: the objectives outlined in the proposal, how those objectives were met and any supporting documentation.

Sabbatical Recipients

Sabbatical Proposals and Reports

Faculty Member Documents
Craig Mohr, Photography 2021 Proposal 
Maribel Lopez, Mathematics 2021 Proposal
Delphine Broccard Jimenez, Comm/Media 2021 Proposal
Dianne Berman, Political Science, Spring 2018 Proposal
Ebrahim Jahangard, Math, Spring 2018 Proposal
Mark Trujillo, Art, Fall 2016 Report
George Davison, English, Fall 2016 Report

Fellowship Information

Fellowship Proposals and Reports

Faculty Member Documents
Hari Vishwanadha, English, Spring 2018 Proposal
Shanon Zusman, Music, Spring, 2018 Proposal
Siel Ju, Fall, 2016 Report

Hayward Award 2018 Nominations Awards

  • 2017 SMC Faculty of the Year and Nominee for Hayward Award for Teaching Excellence: Professor Laura Manson!

  • 2015 Nominee for Hayward Award for Teaching Excellence: Professor Lorrie Ivas, Business

  • 2012-13 SMC Faculty of the Year: Professor Eric Oifer

  • 2012-13 Nominee for Hayward Award for Teaching Excellence: Professor Eric Oifer, Social Science